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 Vanaf woensdag 22 september bent u weer van harte welkom voor een afspraak bij ons in de winkel.

 Door drukte en zwangerschapsverlof (in 2022) plannen we 'grotere' projecten momenteel al voor einde voorjaar 2022. 
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When to upholster or not?

The upholstery of a sofa or chair is a custom-made venture, and takes time practice in good manner and result. 

But what is all this worth?
For this reason we wrote down some reflections that customers reflected to us. When to - or not to - upholster your furniture.


Why upholstery?

There are a few good reasons to consider upholstering your sofa or chair

- You have a lot of choice in fabric, not a just lot but really a lot. 
- It brings a lot of comfort and style in your room and just don't want to go to all those boulevards again. 
- A design piece is design for a reason, right?
- You are in need of a specific solution, something special that is not just for graps anywhere.  

...or your chair or sofa just deserves a second life.

When not to upholster?

Unfortunately upholstery is not the solution for all interiors and budgets.

- Good upholstery needs time and effort. It does not follow the rules of the 24-hour economy and be back at your doorstep the next day.
- And time costs money still. Upholstery is certainly not always the buget way to go. So it has to be worth it. 
- We can fix a lot of things, but if the basic frame is in really bad shape (wood or metal), we will provide you with suitable advice.