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Traditional upholstery

De Stoffenier - Traditional upholstery with conical spring, flax and juteTimes are changing and so are the techniques used for upholstery. Nowadays the innerworks of furniture is made of foam. And the traditional way of upholstering is loosing ground. 

However, we still know these old methods, teached in class and practice for years. But above all, we love to practice these artisan techniques. 


De Stoffenier - Traditional upholstery with conical spring, flax and juteThe use of upholstery for seatings started in the 14th century. The use of conical springs is developend around 1830. 

After removing the old fabric and innerworks, the wooden frame is chacked for weaks sports ans old glue (ossein). From that the innerworks are rebuild with conical springs, jute, strap bands and strings. After the seating is rebuild with the use of authentic materials such as crin, cottonwool and cotton cloth. 


Advantages / Disadvantages
A big advantage is that the innerworks can last for over 50 years (even longer) and therefor can be reused again. So only the fabric cover needs to be replaced. A real legacy. 

Another aspect of traditional upholstery is the suspension of coil springs. People won't sit on a foam cushion, but on a real spring seating. 

When choosen for a traditional seating, you'll sit on a hardshapen plateau of crin (sort of flax) with a topping of cottonwool. 

But of course, you can also go for the best of both worlds as you choose a foam topping instead for more comfort.

This all been said, the traditional way of upholstery is quit intensive. A good practice in artisan just asks for commitment and time, and therefor costs as well. Needless to say when innerworks have to last for 50 years. However, in return you will be the proud owner of an anique and original piece of furniture.