Stoffenier Meubelstoffering & Verkoop Stoffen

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Vanwege drukte is onze winkel momenteel geopend op afspraak. Zo hebben we alle tijd en aandacht om u te helpen.

Voor een afspraak of prijsindicatie (uitleg) kunt u ons het beste bereiken via: 


How we work


We can make a good estimate based on some photographs and rough dimensions of the sofa or chair. So, an email would be perfect.

In some cases we can only get a good inside when we remove the cover of the furniture. If this is the case, we will discuss this matter in front. But in all cases, no surprises afterwards.

We have a great collection of fabric samples in our store. You are very welcome to look into these. We love to show you the possibilities and can give advise for special needs. 


The moment you give us the order, we will set everything in motion. We will order the fabric and schedule the project. The period to start the upholstery depends on the intensiveness of the project and of others that are planned. Normally it takes 3 to 8 weeks before we can start. 

The week before we start the project, we will contact you for an appointment to get the furniture to our workshop. When arrived we start the upholstry as soon as possible. In most cases we will finish within 2 weeks.


From moment of order we normally charge 50% of the estimate in front. After the project we will settle costs according to the work done and actual materials used. 

If desired, we can arrange transport for 60 euro per retour in the region Leiden.