Stoffenier Meubelstoffering & Verkoop Stoffen

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Vanwege drukte is onze winkel momenteel geopend op afspraak. Zo hebben we alle tijd en aandacht om u te helpen.

Voor een afspraak of prijsindicatie (uitleg) kunt u ons het beste bereiken via: 


How to order a fabric

De Stoffenier - ordering and deliveries of a fabricUnfortunately we do not have a webshop for fabrics. In our store we have over a 1000 samples available; and even more to order. We think it's important to see and feel the fabric with your own hands and eyes. Therefor you are more than welcome in our shop to explore the collections yourself. 


It is possible to order almost every fabric of your choosing with us. Even fabrics we do not have in our sample collections. 


A delivery time generally takes up to 2-4 weeks. In some case even more when suppliers don't have enough mettres on stock.

It is possible to arrange the delivery to a specific address. Costs are 17,50 euro for orders below 150 euro. 

No extra fees are charged when the fabric is picked up at our shop.