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8 Tips considering choosing your perfect Fabric


De Stoffenier - 8 tips considering fabrics1. Will the furniture be used intensively

Be sure to keep this in mind. Fabrics are tested on abbrasion and have different specs on this matter. Good to now when your friends or family like to shuffle and wobble on your chairs. 


2. Is your furniture subjected to direct sunlight

Fabrics manufactured with mostly biological fibers (like cotton or linen) are more receptive to sunlight. It sometimes gives the charm to the fabric. Especially be noticed if you like colors as deep red, blue and black. Synthetic fibers (like polyester), on the other hand, are less receptive to sunlight. As for durability, fabrics are tested on this matter; and we can give you advise in our shop. 


3. Combining different fabrics

When you upholster your chair or sofa, you'll get the ultimate opportunity to combine different colors, patterns and textures. What about a deeper uni color on the seating of your chair and a more vibrant pattern on the back?  


4. Keeping it calm or showing off

Always a hard nut to crack. If you like flexibility to arrange your interior, just keep it calm and work with accessories like cushions to brighten up the room. But if you like an armchair which is upholstered with a flamboyant pattern beautifully contrasted in front of a colored wall...then you have a lot to choose from.  


5. Take in the fabric at a distance

A pattern or a texture can give a totally different perspective from a distance. Busy patterns congregate, multiple colors form one tone, or the rough texture becomes a plain level. So be advised to step back and take in the fabric at a distance. 


6. Effects of daylight and night lights 

Colors and light are inseparably linked to each other. A fabric can have a different color scheme in daylight then when you close the curtains and turn on the lights. It is no problem to take a sample back home and check the effects at hand.  


7. Mess and bless

Not every household is stain and spill secure. To tackle this, you can choose fabrics that have water- and stain-repellent specifications; or fabrics that can be washed with water. A coarse textured or mixed color fabrics can serve as a nice alternative to camouflage certain messy events. 


8. Cats, dogs and other friendly friends

A question frequently asked. Unfortunately we don't have a thorough answer in this matter. Be aware of textures that are easily scratched and stretched with tiny nails. Can the fabric be easily cleaned, do hairs or stains stand out, and what effect does biological fibers (like wool or cotton) have on your pets piece of mind.